How d’ye do?


Welcome to The World and Books of The Merriweather Chronicles!

I assume that, having arrived at this website, you are either friends or family (greetings!), or perhaps someone who has stumbled across the Chronicles and was curious to discover if someone so clearly steeped in the early 19th century was capable of functioning in the 21st. The answer is: barely, and by no means easily. I persisted, however, out of a desire for three things:

1. A place to post certain items that I could not get into the books for one reason or another (like my helpful little map, which both ebook versions of Letters to Julia refused to translate into legibility).

2. A platform to list a more extensive bibliography for any history-minded person who has the time and inclination to pursue it.

3. A resource for any interested-but-not-yet committed soul who wants to find out more about the Chronicles before actually plonking down any money on it. (Though Letters from Bath should be available for free on smashwords; a fact that Amazon may or may not have discovered and run with.)

And that’s really all there is to it. As for anyone who may already have waded through Letters to Julia and, being a glutton for punishment, is wondering about ‘the next one’–I have only this to say: it will be shorter. Right now I am eyeing an incident in Bath that took place about 3 or 4 years after LTJ, mainly involving Clive and Stacey. But we’ll see. It looks a little sketchy, especially given the prolixity of the first two books…

April 2017 update: “The next one” is finally here. Both paper and digital versions should be available before May. Now, it is only a matter of trying to remember my various social media passwords so I can update any of my faithful readers who may not have quite given up hope of a sequel. As promised, it is much shorter…


15 comments on “How d’ye do?

  1. Just dropping by to say you are a startlingly good historical author. I am now a total fan of your work. You speak ” Regency” remarkably well. 🙂
    Keep on blogging, when you have the time. I’ll comment. 🙂


  2. Hi, Hannah! My sister told me someone had left a comment even though I didn’t realize my site was set up to receive them (so of course, I just created the thing and then walked away from it until I have something new to say). Thanks for your enthusiasm! As with most authors, unsolicited encouragement from someone who doesn’t share my DNA means a lot!


  3. Hi Meredith!

    I am Hannah’s sister. She is raving about your work, and I really liked what she has shown me. If you are interested in gaining new readers, I’d be happy to interview you on my blog so others can learn about your work! 😀



  4. I loved letters to Julia and can’t wait for the next instalment, you are a great writer, I laughed out loud several times and re-read the ending twice. Excellent work.


  5. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you.Too kind!


  6. I’m excited for book 3. You are incredibly talented. I really want to know more of what happens for Ann. Best of luck with the writing process!


  7. I’m so glad you like my snarky Ann! However, just so you won’t be too disappointed with interim books: the way it looks now, just as this series begins with Ann, it will close with her, too, so don’t expect her to be the primary character of the next few books. On the upside, this is NOT a series to rival certain high fantasy ones (for one thing, I don’t want to risk dying of old age and having to leave notes for some up-and-coming writer on how I visualized its finish), so my readers can probably anticipate about six books in total. That “trunk,” after all, is a finite space, and there were no zip-files in the 19th century!


  8. I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying Letters to Julia. Having discovered Friendship and Folly a while ago, I am so pleased to find out there are going to be more books and can’t wait to read them. I love the historical detail in your books and the way you fit the story into that background. And, of course, the characters (and, yes, I want to know what happens to Ann too).


  9. Thank you, Julie! I have always suspected that it would take a reader who is a fellow history-buff to truly appreciate (or at least not get wildly frustrated by) all the details in LTJ. If you have any pertinent comments–and I consider even pointing out a typo pertinent!–or just something you want to share, you are welcome to write to me at meredithallady@gmail.com


  10. I think you have the knack of treating the historical background lightly enough to keep the story going, but thoroughly enough to set it all in context and make it believable. Sorry, I’m probably not explaining it too well, but I think it’s a rare talent you have there and I am so pleased to have discovered you as an author!


  11. add me to newsletter


  12. Love your books! I’m eagerly awaiting future instalments and I’m glad you set up this website just so I could learn that there is a plan for more. I don’t want to jump on the band wagon, but I, too, am in great suspense to read Ann’s story. I see that I will have to be patient….I’ll try. 😉 I hope that the conclusions I am drawing are from actual foreshadowing, and not just my overactive imagination!


  13. Hi, Meredith!
    I love, love, love your books! And, I can’t with for the next one!! While I’m waiting, could you give me some recommendations to read? I’d love to know who/what you like to read, as we seem to have similar tastes. : ) I’ve, of course, read Jane Austen and some others but have found it hard to find many similar authors..
    Thank you!!


  14. Hi Meredith,

    Glad to see you are acquiring some readers who are NOT friends and family. I have to say that I greatly enjoyed your books, not only for your faithfulness to the period, but also for the references and homage to other great literature that was actually written in that period. I have already recommended them to friends that are like-minded. I cannot wait until the next one is released!

    Thank you!


  15. Hello,
    Are you working on another book? Would love an update….

    Missing Merriweather


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